18th Annual Conference of Japanese Association for Research in Family Nursing



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 This time, the main theme will be “In Search of New Family Health Care Nursing: Returning to the Original Paradigm and Forging the Future Together.” Family health care nursing is not only concerned with caring for “people” as is the case with personal nursing, but with caring for the “family system unit.” Because the paradigm is different from personal nursing, it is essential for family health care nursing to have its own theory, practice and research. By returning to the paradigm from which family health care nursing originally sprang, we can anticipate opportunities to debate its essential meaning.
 A conference is also a forum for the association members to issue studies. Because topics introduced by members will create the essential “neues” for the establishment of “New Family Health Care Nursing,” we want to make it a forum for lively give and take. In addition, those wishing to respond in the Japanese language to presentations at the international nursing conference that will be held concurrently with this one can submit their presentation accordingly. And as we wish to share information on family health care nursing with the general public to the greatest extent possible, we also hope to conduct a full range of presentations and so on, aimed at members of the general public. Consequently, with the support of our members we are looking forward to welcoming a large number of participants.